The Importance of Paper Wedding Invitations


Do we still need Wedding Invitations? In a world where technology is readily available to make our lives and day-to-day activities simpler convenient, it is sometimes difficult for us to set some sort of restriction. The latest trend that has been going on since the dawn of internet is the existence electronic invitation. From a block party in the summer to graduation party to birthday party, all they have to do is set it up and have it sent to the guests.

While this type of electronic invitation is widely accepted, majority of people have mixed feelings when they see its application to invitations for wedding. This reluctance perhaps stems from the fact that wedding is considered as an important event – a milestone, if you will. And for centuries, traditionally, beautiful paper invitations are sent out to the guests.

If you are a bride-to-be, naturally you want your big day to be exactly how you have been envisioned and dreamed it to be. But often, they put a lot more focus on the reception and the dress. So when it comes to important details such as the invitation, they are at a loss for words. Or worse, they are stuck at the “should I use paper invitation or electronic?”

No one can deny the convenience that electronic invitation offers, but this is your big day we are talking about. Not a once-a-year event like your birthday, it would be a shame to go all out for the reception and dress, only to opt convenience for this important detail of your wedding.

So why would you sacrifice your invitation? Yes, your wedding invitation is an integral part of your wedding; not only does it set the tone for your one-of-a-kind wedding, it also serves as the first experience your guests get from your big day. Make the right first impression with informative yet stunning Wedding Invitations from Basic Invite.