How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

On a woman’s wedding day everything, including her wedding jewelry, must be perfect. You don’t want to spend hour upon hour searching for the right gown and then make a last minute decision about your jewelry. Plan ahead to make sure everything works together to enhance your appearance on your special day. Remember, you’ll be looking at the wedding photographs for years to come and you want to be happy with what you see.

But do you know how to pick your bridal jewelry when there’s so much to choose from and it’s all beautiful?

Here are a few things you must consider when choosing your wedding jewelry:

Color of gown – You might not realize how many shades of white there are until you search for a wedding gown. If your dress is pure white, then white pearls or silver jewelry are a good option. If your dress is Ivory, then gold or ivory pearls will look better.

Diamonds are always a classic choice for weddings and will complement any color or style of gown. But because diamonds are such an elegant choice, they can be understated and still make an impact. You don’t want to overdo with diamonds.

Pearls have always been popular for weddings. There are pink pearls as well as other unusual colors. There are also tear drop shaped pearls. Be sure you spend some time shopping and evaluate all your options.

Type of wedding – Are you having a formal wedding? A semi-formal? A casual beach wedding? This makes a huge difference in the choice of gown and jewelry you’ll wear. You don’t want a casual dress with a huge diamond necklace. But there are many styles of jewelry that will create a more casual look.

Even if you decide to have a unique Medieval or Victorian wedding you can still find the appropriate vintage style jewelry to compliment your style.

Style of gown – A more traditional style of gown calls for more traditional jewelry. Pearls can be the perfect accessory to a classic gown. A more elegant gown might need diamonds.

Your hairstyle – If you’re wearing your hair pulled up, it makes your choice of earrings even more important. Sparkling diamond earrings will frame your face as will any elegant drop earrings.

If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing a tiara, then your wedding day is the time to make that happen. There are a variety of tiaras from simple to elaborate, but make sure it complements both your hairstyle and your gown. When wearing a tiara it’s good to tone down the earrings. An elaborate tiara with long dangling earrings can be too much of a good thing.

Choosing a veil means you’ll probably want to stick with simple stud earrings. You don’t want to risk your earrings and veil tangling.

Neckline of gown – Strapless gowns are popular now. Choose a necklace that shows the beauty of your shoulders and neck without being distracting. Chokers also work for this type of neckline.

If you choose a high neckline you’ll want to concentrate on your earrings instead of a necklace.

When your dress has beaded straps a simple necklace might look better.

Bracelets can be added to almost any type of gown as long as they match the style and coloring of the dress. But if you’re wearing a dress with capped sleeves the bracelets are even more important. Tennis bracelets are still a popular choice for weddings.

Future use – Do you want to wear this jewelry only for your wedding or do you want to use it when you wear other formal evening attire? This can make a difference in what you choose.

Budget – For some people, money isn’t a consideration. But most people have to work within a set budget. When you’re planning for everything else, be sure to include a large enough amount for you wedding jewellery that you’ll be happy with your options. You don’t want to discover that the necklace that will perfectly compliment your gown isn’t doable because you forgot to add jewelry costs to your budget.

Your own style and personality – No matter how beautiful a piece of jewelry is, it must also reflect you and your personal style. Don’t be pushed into wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in or feel good about wearing. This is your day. You make all the choices.

Remember the purpose – When you’re walking down the aisle you don’t want anyone saying “Oh what a gorgeous necklace”. You want them to think, “What a beautiful bride, the groom is so lucky.” Everything, including your bridal jewellery, should work together to complement your look. Nothing should be so ostentatious that it takes away from the beauty of the bride.

By planning ahead and carefully choosing your wedding jewelry you’ll create a look that will thrill you and your new husband on your wedding day.